Gorkana Surveys delivers rapid, cost effective market research.

Allowing you to measure and report on what people are thinking right now.

Gorkana Surveys delivers rapid, cost effective market research.

Simple to use

Great for PR

Develop your story’s angle. Whether you’re news jacking a story, have a crisis to monitor or need opinion for a press release, Gorkana Surveys helps you take control.

Asking questions

A simple, intuitive wizard guides you through the process of asking your questions, targeting your audience and scheduling your survey, ensuring all the power of Gorkana Surveys is available.


I would like to ask Males, between the ages of 18-39


Who are we asking?

We do not maintain a panel of respondents completing surveys for cash. Questions are asked of visitors to our network of partner sites. Since questions are only served within a potential participant’s current digital footprint, survey completion rates are extremely high, and participant's profiles are very broad.

The network

Our partner sites are rigorously tested prior to becoming part of the network. Before any site is blended with our partner network, extensive analysis is done on the potential new sample universe and their profile to ensure compatibility.


We have a current capacity of over 4 million respondents per month


On average we have a turnaround time of 2 hours for a 1000 respondent survey.

Fresh Participants


Over half of our participants claim that they would never fill out a questionnaire if they were sent a link to their email inbox.


By approaching them through sites they already trust, we have achieved extremely high completion rates, often over 20%.


Powerful reporting

Powerful, easy-to-use, visualisation, export, and comparison tools, allow you to make the most of your research without the need for expensive and complicated data analysis software.

Reducing Costs

Because we do not maintain a panel of paid respondents we can offer market research at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Questions are extremely cost effective, joining is free and there are no subscription costs. You only pay for what you use.


Joining is free and there are no subscription costs

No more waiting

Ask questions and get results in as little as half an hour.


What to do now?

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